Last Update: 2nd of May 2021

TOGETHER WE DID IT: The president got a lot of pressure and opened the economy on the 1st of May 2021!

For the coming weeks we might not hold further demonstrations because the goverment will get reasons to see it as illegal and it might cause chaos.

The #UnlockOurCountry movement has played a great deal in the president’s policy turnaround. Like minded citizens have proven the power of unity and the power of coming together for one cause. Below are the new directives:

  • Cessation of movement in zoned areas is lifted, curfew in zoned areas commences at 10 PM – 4 AM, effective midnight on this day of May, 2021
  • In person worship shall resume, attending congregation is capped to 1/3rd of the capacity of the place of worship (in churches).
  • Operations of restaurants & eateries shall resume, recommended to use outdoor spaces.
  • Educational institutions to reopen according to calendar
  • Bars to operate until 7pm
  • Employers encouraged to allow workers work from home, with exception of critical workers.
  • Hospital visits limited to one visitor per patient per day.
  • Political gathering ban extended.

We shall continue to lobby,agitate and push for a return to nomalcy and a return to full commercial, business and trade activities

2 Demontrations in April 2021 were already organized and productively held

Meetings and demos are being done every sunday from 3pm to 6pm at the Central business District near the government offices. Planning meetings takes place during the weekend due to availability of members.

The demos majorly involve chanting slogan of #unlockourcountry followed by few speakers addressing the crowd which now comprise of 30 to 50 people. They are peaceful and does not in any way lead to destruction of property or chaos. With time they will even be more organised untill the government is able to unlock the country to allow free movement!

Feel encouraged to join us on the next demo this coming sunday! Experience it yourself! Release your voice!

#UnlockOurCountry Movement is inspired to shed more light on our National Agenda, which is focused on the Kenya Government’s action of unfair and inconsiderate closure of the country and the dire repercussions being felt by ordinary Kenyans who have been rendered jobless and who are now unable to work, earn and put food on the table.

The Majority of Kenyans do not have the luxury of mega savings and trust funds to cushion them during this lock-down. Furthermore, there is no economic relief and psychosocial support being given by the State.

The misguided and ill-thought closure of the Hospitality, Entertainment, Events, Creative and Sports industries has left our members distraught. The shocks on our industries have been crippling. Many organizations have been highly affected by the lockdown. For most, it is impossible to remain operational under these circumstances. Other industries such as Transport and Education are also feeling the pain. Our plight, the challenges we are facing and the issues we have called you here to articulate are shared by both young and older Kenyans across the country, and across all sectors of the economy.

As a result of the sudden closure, businesses have been shut down. Payments have been withheld. Employees have been sent on immediate unpaid leave. Many citizens are unable to pay their bills. Some are battling eviction, foreclosure, auctioning, suicide and depression. Many breadwinners are unable to meet the medical bills, recurrent obligations and expenses incurred in the care giving of their dependents. We have a disaster on our hands. Intervention is critical and must be done now!

All we want is for the President to unlock our country so we can get out, go to work, earn and feed our families!

The President unilaterally decided that the best thing to do was to lock down the country. Well, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but not every opinion is a meaningful contribution to a problem.

What President Uhuru forgot, overlooked or disregarded is how the lockdown will adversely affect Kenyans. Freedom of movement is not about simply going to hang out in the mall or to going to lie around at Jevanjee Gardens. Freedom of movement has to do with the ability to earn freely. It has to do with a friendly environment for businesses to operate freely.

Further Facts:

President Uhuru Kenyatta recently imposed partial lockdown and restrictions of movement outside the five „hotspot“ counties. This has brought up mixed of reactions and frustrations to its residents.

Residents have taken to the street protesting in what they alleged to hardships, as some have lost their jobs after curfew time was tightened closer to strickly 8:00pm. By so doing, many people are forced to close their businesses early in order to evade the curfew hours.

Businesses are known to be doing well from 6pm till later hours of 10pm and this is the time Nairobians are crying foul to the President to unlock the country for business to carry on as usual.

The heavy taxation on commodities have actually contributed alot to the country’s economic crisis and hardships. Living in cities especially Nairobi is quite hectic for low income earners and the unemployed!

Placards written ,„Unlock our country“ were everywhere in Nairobi’s CBD, urging the President to unlock the country for economy to sprout again!

The President needs to listen to the outcries of ailing Kenyans, we can’t take any more of this hardships, and law enforcement officers ought to be human too, applying excessive force on unarmed citizens is wrong! #UnlockOurCountry!

Erklärungen zu der Verbindung zu MIT:

Unser MUT in Mittelsachsen zündet längst Hoffnung in der fernen Land wie Kenya – denn das Ehepaar Sihombing pflegt Kontakte seit Jahren mit Einheimischen u.a. in Nairobi. Und die Lektionen, die wir hier in der mittelsächsischen Region bis jetzt angesammelt haben, dienen bereits der Bürgerbewegung in Nairobi (friedlich und konstruktiv).

Somit aktivieren wir auch diese MIT-( für die dortige angestrebte wohltuende Veränderungen, die dank der mutigen Kenianern, die auch seit Anfang April 2021 auf der Straßen wöchentlich gehen und sich auf einem öffentlichen Platz für offener Bürgerdialog (wie hier in Döbeln, Hainichen, Frankenberg, usw.) versammeln wollen.